Inventory Find #2 – Duh! – 25L/50L Footwear

No, don’t fear… I wasn’t organizing my inventory again. I was just going through my 2 million landmarks and landed at the Duh! store. I completely forgot about it!

They have some cool shoes and boots (female and male) for around 25L to 50L! I know what you are thinking: “ah, but they must look bad”. Nope, not at all. Let me show you some of the stuff I already had in my inventory (I promised myself I wasn’t gonna spend a single linden while checking my LMs out).

Pics Info:

Location: Just for Fun2
Windlight Setting: *Starley* Settings 2

Snapshot_004::Duh!:: Women’s Sneaker Boots – Black Out

Snapshot_005::Duh!:: Women’s Sneaker Boots – Bleached White

Snapshot_006::Duh!:: Women’s Sneaker Boots – Bleeding Red

Snapshot_008::Duh!:: Women’s Sneaker Boots – Shredded Denim

Snapshot_012::Duh!:: Distressed Cuffed Boots Brown

Snapshot_011::Duh!:: Men’s Combat Boots – Camel

Snapshot_013::Duh!:: Sock Top Boots – Black

Snapshot_010::Duh!:: Sock Top Boots – Brown


Inventory find #1

I must have a fever or something because I decided to organize my inventory a bit. Everytime I do it, I stop as soon as I find something I like, so I save an outfit and forget about my inventory for a while.

This time, I’m determined to keep organizing it until it’s perfect. (Stop laughing! It can be done! Seriously!) Ok, that may be a lie… or probably the biggest lie ever. I know I’ll get sidetracked soon.

I found some cool things to show you. They are not new, but I came up with an outfit I really like. The pictures were taken at the Madpea’s Carneval, if you haven’t visited yet, do it now, it’s worth it.

Hat: Top Hat skulls pattern by Rotten Toe
Hair: [e] Breathe – Black 04 by [elikatira]
Skin: Amy Skin + Eyeshadow by Corvus
Extra eyeshadow: Psych-O Eye Shadow by D&G Fashions
Tattoo: Thorns Tattoo Redux Version by +Fallen Gods Inc.+
Gloves: Long rotten gloves by Rotten Toe
Top: Lace Me Up by Nectar! (Link to Marketplace Store)
Pants: Formal ringmaster pants by Rotten Toe
Boots: Ciara Black MESH Boots by Amour Signature

Ambient Grey
Windlight: Ambient Grey

Region Default
Windlight: Region Default

Windlight: wastelands

AnaLu - Outdoor City
Windlight: AnaLu – Outdoor City

Windlight: blackskymoon

[TOR] SCIFI - Spiceflow
Windlight: [TOR] SCIFI – Spiceflow

I am, therefore I drool… over these ankle boots

As soon as my beloved friend, Mr. Karlsvalt, showed me these ankle boots I started to make a list of all the people I would like to kick with them. I think I even chose a version of the boots for each group of people… yep.

So, besides being useful, they look great. And they cost only L$100. One of them is free at Amour Fashion‘s store (just click on the Gift Board to receive them).

But wait, you thought the price and the free ones were a cool thing? If you join the group (L$50 fee), you can get a fatpack of the cracked version. (Amour Fashion & Rispetto Designs Group)

Amour Signature – Ciara MESH Boot – Cracked Boots FAT PACK – Group Gift:
Ciara Cracked Black_001

Ciara Cracked Blue_001

Ciara Cracked Cafe_001 Ciara Cracked Grape_001 Ciara Cracked Green_001Ciara Cracked Berry_001 Ciara Cracked Wine_001

Amour Signature – Ciara Crocodile MESH Boot – Black/Silver:

Ciara Crocodile Black-Silver_001

Amour Signature – Ciara Crocodile MESH Boot – Goldie:

Ciara Crocodile Goldie_001_001

Amour Signature – Ciara Crocodile MESH Boot – Grape:

Ciara Crocodile Grape_001_001

Amour Signature – Ciara Crocodile MESH Boot – Graze:

Ciara Crocodile Graze_001

Amour Signature – Ciara Crocodile MESH Boot – Pink:

Ciara Crocodile Pink_001

 Amour Signature – Ciara Crocodile MESH Boot – Sky:Ciara Crocodile Sky_001

Amour Signature – Ciara Crocodile MESH Boot – Sunset:

Ciara Crocodile Sunset_001


Amour Signature – Ciara Girafee MESH Boots:

Ciara Giraffe_001


Amour Signature – Ciara Leopard MESH Boots:

Ciara Leopard_001


Amour Signature – Ciara Tiger MESH Boots:

Ciara Tiger_001


Amour Signature – Ciara Zebra MESH Boots:
Ciara Zebra_001


Amour Signature – Ciara Crocodile MESH Boot – Green/Gold (FREE at the store):

Ciara Crocodile Green-Gold_Free on Gift Board


Vero Modero Outlet – 75L$ – Part 2

Here is another outfit I got at Vero Modero‘s Outlet.

You wouldn’t imagine how much time it took me to get the first picture right… the things behind me exploded every so often and pieces would fly in any direction, so I had to wait for them to go back to their original locations, and of course, as I was chatting, I kept missing the right moment…

OUTFIT: Kedi Set by Vero Modero
: Spencer Museum of Art


WL Sky: Bryn Oh’s Immersiva Grey Dust

007WL Sky: CB’s Rouge 3

Hair: Sam – espresso by >TRUTH<
Skin: Amelie Skin – Contessa D by -Glam Affair-
Boots: Latrice boots black by CERO STYLE

Vero Modero Outlet – 75L$ – Part 1

I stopped by at Vero Modero‘s Outlet today and bought some cool things for only 75L$ each.

The first outfit I want to show you is a beautiful black gown. Although the folder name in my inventory says it’s a Golden one… o.O I’m either color blind or someone made a mistake there lol.

[VM] VERO MODERO / 8th Day of Christmas Gold Gown
004 005

Hair: MAGDALEN hair – Overcooked by [LeLutka]
Skin: Ebba [Peach] 03 by LAQ
Eyelashes: Eyelashes -19- Diva by *REDGRAVE*
Jewelry: Nicole Set by *N@N@*

Location: Chouchou
WL Sky: Bryn Oh’s BOX MetaLE

* R u s t * by Cica Ghost at LEA13

If you like art, you would want to visit Cica’s exhibit at LEA (Linden Endowment for the Arts),  * R u s t *. And if you don’t like art, I suggest you visit it anyway. It’s a great place to take pictures, or just walk around discovering the different art pieces. From time to time, you will find some objects you can click on and pose on them.

Enough talking, let me show you a couple of pictures. On the last one, you’ll see me wearing today’s avatar. I tend to wear clothes and avatars according to my mood at the moment. Can you guess how I’m feeling today? lol

002 003 143Hat: *BGE* Fedora – Black (Hunt Gift – No info)
Hair: Blake hair – BlueNight by [LeLutka]
Blazer: Gasmask Blazer with Tee by Corvus
Shorts: Buone Vacanze Shorts – Nero by {Gisaci} (bought at The Warehouse)
Socks: socks free ST2 by */ Ame */
Stockings: Fishnet Stockings by Mind Games Fashion (they are included with any of the In Love With Denim Mesh Mini Skirts)
Wristbands: Wristbands Black by Hermony
Boots: Lucille Boots Black by [ hoorenbeek ]
Skin: Amy Cleavage + Hairbase + Eyeshadow by Corvus
Make-up: Messy Eyeshadow by Corvus
Tattoo: Cut Neck Tattoo by Corvus


What is LEA?

The Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA) was established to help create a center of
arts activity in Second Life. It is a collaborative venture between Linden Lab and
the arts community. Guided by a dedicated board of renowned Second Life artists,
the LEA is committed to providing access to engaging experiences in the arts for
the Second Life community. Through its exhibitions, programs, and events, the LEA
fosters awareness of artists’ contributions to our virtual world and encourages
others to get involved and be inspired.
The LEA is run and organized by users of Second Life, with resources generously
donated by Linden Lab. The LEA strives to:
Provide a starting point for artists in Second Life, and for those interested in
art to make connections and display their work.
Encourage and cultivate art and artists within Second Life.
Foster community, creativity, and innovation among artists and all residents inte-
rested in art.
Provide a way for artists to promote their art.
Collaborate with existing art regions, galleries, exhibits, and performance spaces
to help nurture their valuable participation in SL arts.

20L$ Cady’s Swimsuits!

I came across some really nice swimsuits in Marketplace earlier today. They come in several colors and you can get them >HERE<.

Let me show you the black one, that’s my favorite.

Cady's Swimsuit in blackHat: Summer Floppy Hat by Meli Imako
Sunglasses: PRDA01 SILVER by -RYCA-
Hair: Beatice by Tameless
Skin: Ebba [Peach] 03 by LAQ
Earrings: D-Gold-Sig-Round-Bamboo Hoop by Dime Piece (Sorry, it seems there is no more inworld store and the marketplace store is empty).
Shoes: PinUp Heels Mt by Opium LAD